Løt.te – Private Shell
Cassette (R&L058)
Edition of 100

Løt.te is Mehmet Irdel, a Turkish-born, Brooklyn based artist and producer whose recent output has consisted of vinyl EPs on The Bunker New York label, and a string of mixes most notable of which is the Resident Advisor podcast from June 2015.

His recent cassette EP, Private Shell, marks the first time Løt.te is branching out from his previous dancefloor-friendly techno output to explore ambient space and atmosphere, which falls somewhere between the cyberpunk dystopia of Black Rain and the ritualistic experimentation of Coil.

The B-side features a unique improvisational studio collaboration with electronic artist Copley Medal in which both melded their synthetic methodology into a series of electronic doctrine.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Løt.te. Limited edition cassette of 100 with cover designed by Løt.te.

Listen to “Kernel Mutation” by Løt.te

Listen to the collaboration track, Private Shell, with Løt.te & Copley Medal

On A Clear Day – Photo 51
Vinyl LP (R&L057)
Edition of 134

Debut full length LP by Brooklyn based electronic duo, On A Clear Day. Musicians David Grant (DeTrop / Action Patrol) and Ryan Martin (York Factory Complaint / Copley Medal) collected an album’s worth of space-laden, ethereal electronic compositions formulated by engineered modular synthesis and sample processing.

Photo 51 names the first image ever taken of DNA, thus documenting the basis of creation. On A Clear Day’s first album was an adventurous experiment in underground studio design and creation itself, morphing their musical space into a more all-encompassing creative center. All elements of the record were created by the band all the way through its production.

Limited to 134 hand-made vinyl editions and released by the members’ own imprints.

Listen to the album on the group’s bandcamp:

David First – The AM Radio Band
C-40 cassette (R&L055)
Edition of 100

David First’s complex career in music started in the academic circles of Princeton in the mid-70’s (documented in his recent LP “Electronic Works ’76-’77 on Dais Records) but quickly jumped ship to the underground punk scenes of the late 70’s to create the avant art-punk trio, The Notekillers.  Once the 80’s hit, First moved his operations to NYC and joined in as an ambient composer amongst the downtown art scenes of the time. His droneworks and conceptual installations have been recognized worldwide on labels such as OO Discs and Phil Niblock’s XI Records. Most recently, David has been active collaborating with a variety of guest artists such as Kid Millions (Oneida) and Bernard Gann (Liturgy) as well as his well-respected ensemble, The Western Enisphere. The past year has seen First taking a step back to revisit his solo experimental works – including his breakthrough compositions using vintage signal generators and oscillators dating as far back as the 1950’s, to create virtual improvisational symphonies within the air and then broadcast through a variety of transistor radios, each independently taking part in David’s placement of sound with his new medium, frequency bandwidth.

Bongos (excerpt)