Out of Print

All of these titles are sold out through Robert & Leopold, but may be still available through various distributors and stores.

(R&L054) Hanel Koeck “Rosendale Open”
(R&L053) No Intention “+B”
(R&L052) Death Houses “Duty Roach in Millions”
(R&L051) Maurizio Bianchi & Ryan Martin “As Strong As Death Is”
(R&L050) Bob Bellerue “Fine Phenomena”
(R&L049) Further Reductions “s/t”
(R&L048) Copley Medal “Sabbath”
(R&L047) Ryan Martin & Anthony Mangicapra “Golden Hazrat”
(R&L046) Hoor-paar-Kraat “Live at the Brooklyn Fashion League”
(R&L045) Climax Denial “Anxiety Rituals”
(R&L044) EMP “Era II”
(R&L043) Believer/Law “Contrition”
(R&L042) Anla Courtis & Richard Francis “Aucklantida”
(R&L041) Drowning the Virgin Silence “Head Cleaner”
(R&L040) Stone Baby “Debris”
(R&L039) Kösmonaut “Geist”
(R&L038) Death Houses “…All but the Crimson Light Remained”
(R&L037) Âmes Sanglantes “Have You Come Here to Torment Us                                        Before the Time?”
(R&L036) Aaron Dilloway “Tractor Cuts”
(R&L035) Leif Elggren “Sleepwalking”
(R&L034) Hanel Koeck “Francis Bloom, His Mistress & The Dullard”
(R&L033) Hanel Koeck “Piano Music”
(R&L032) Future Blondes “Live at Libertine Social Club 7/9/12”
(R&L031) Chris Brokaw “Tidal Mud”
(R&L030) Hoor-paar-Kraat “In Your Absence”
(R&L029) Letha Rodman Melchior / Tretetam “Moon Mountain”
(R&L028) DeTrop “Con Rit”
(R&L027) Hidden Tooth “July 18, 2012”
(R&L026) Black Leather Jesus “Even Deeper”
(R&L025) These Feathers Have Plumes “Hegira”
(R&L024) Genetic Infantryman & Ryan Martin “Live 12-23-2011”
(R&L023) Rust Worship “Optimistic”
(R&L022) York Factory Complaint “Sufferings”
(R&L021) York Factory Complaint “Live Document ’09-’10”
(R&L020) Femminielli “Sprezzatura”
(R&L019) Jazkamer “Failed State of Mind”
(R&L018) Exhumed Corpse “Mortem Obire”
(R&L017) Kama Rupa “City of Caesars”
(R&L016) Sudden Infant “The Wicked Mothers”
(R&L015) Lasse Marhaug “Angelica 2011/05/20”
(R&L014) DeTrop “Apart From The Dutch Administrators, There Seemed To Be                      Only About A Dozen Whiteskins Living In Bali”
(R&L013) K2 “IsopDoping”
(R&L012) DeTrop “Rewards of Faith”
(R&L011) Pipeline Alpha “Demons and Dances”
(R&L010) Chapels “That Incorrigible Death’s-Head”
(R&L009) Werewolf Jerusalem “Carnal Violence”
(R&L008) Scorpio & Glass “Eight Days for Trifecta”
(R&L007) York Factory Complaint “Will & Testament”
(R&L006) Knights of Timbre “Rite of Noise”
(R&L005) Bleak Race “Communication Breakdown”
(R&L004) Future Blondes “Vila’gok 2”
(R&L003) Hoor-paar-Kraat “Elbow Drops Effortlessly”
(R&L002) York Factory Complaint “Sentiment”
(R&L001) Maurizio Bianchi “Violichte”